Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week 22 - Not much cooking. . .

Well, there's not too much cooking going on this week as we are about to head out on a cross-country adventure!  However, I wanted to go ahead and post for this week to try to keep you motivated to menu plan.  I most likely will not be posting menu plans for the next month, but I'll try to post recipes and pics of yummy food that we eat along the way.  We're taking a family road trip to Nebraska, Colorado and California and we'll be gone for the whole month of July!  My hubby is working remotely while we're on the road and we'll be staying with friends along the way and ending at a family reunion on Alain's side in California!  We are SO excited!  Here's a map of the USA.  I wanted to insert a Google map of our journey, but ran out of time. 

Here's my attempt at a menu for this week:
Sunday - Garlic shrimp with lime
Monday - Chicken stir fry with mushrooms, broccoli and white rice
Tuesday - Out to dinner
Wednesday - Cheese tortellini with tomato sauce
Thursday - Pizza
Friday - On the road (out to dinner)
Saturday - On the road (out to dinner)

Happy cooking to Everyone!  I'd love to see your menus for this week!

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  1. Little late but wanted to share mine. I am not even sure on what day we will have what because we are expecting guests at somepoint this weekend.
    Whole Grain Pasta and meatballs
    Quesadillas (kids) Citrus Tilapia (adults)
    Black olive Pizza on homemade whole wheat crust
    Crockpot chicken
    stove top pan made lasagna with bowtie pasta
    Lentil and brown Rice casserole