Monday, April 16, 2012

Week 50: Camping. . .

Guess where we spent the weekend?  Well, I can tell you that we've had a fun weekend of camping and I'm still recovering from the lack of sleep.  I spent the weekend camping with my girls and our Girl Scout Troop in covered wagons at the Rock Ranch while Alain spent the weekend camping with Zach and our neighbors up at Lake Allatoona!  I never knew that sleeping in covered wagons should be on my 'bucket list,' but I can definitely check it off now!
Annabelle and 2 of her Brownie friends!
Each covered wagon had 4 sets of bunk beds.  I lead the Daisy troop (K-1st graders), so we had 5 girls in our wagon and 3 moms.  The girls were up giggling, reading books and coloring until 11pm!  Our whole troop attended this campout, so we had 44 girls and moms!  It was quite a sight, but I can tell you that those girls had an amazing time and I think that the moms did too!

It's back to reality now and I was just too tired on Sunday to think about putting a menu together!  Thanks to my sweet hubby for buying a rotisserie chicken for dinner!

Week 50 Menu

Sunday - Rotisserie chicken, green beans, roasted potatoes
Monday - Beef with soy sauce and ginger, steamed spinach, roasted carrots and asparagus, yellow rice
Tuesday - Shrimp scampi with lime, white rice, roasted cauliflower and broccoli
Wednesday - Leftovers
Thursday -  Beef stew with green beans, salad
Friday - Out to dinner
Saturday - Burgers, roasted sweet potatoes and potatoes, steamed green beans

Happy cooking to everyone!

Have a great week!


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