Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week 45

Sorry for the delay in posting menus, but sickness and life got away from me the last 2 weeks!  I help coordinate a children's consignment sale at my church and my life cannot exist beyond the sale during that week and I usually need a week of solitude to recover.  Don't misunderstand. . . I love the sale!  I would not allow something that I didn't love to take that much of my time away from my family.  This time, I had sickness on top of after-sale exhaustion, so I thought it best to wait for my weekly menu post!  I hope that you all have been keeping up with your menus.  I don't get too much feedback on here, so I don't know if reading this blog helps you all or not, but I'm glad to see that you're reading it either way!

In reference to the above picture, I met a sweet mom today who told me that she just found out her son is allergic to wheat, corn, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts and shellfish!  He has eczema all over his body and she's struggled with it since he was a baby (he's 3 now).  My heart brakes for this mom who works full time and has a teenager in the house because now she has to completely alter her way of eating to keep her youngest son healthy!  I mentioned the Paleo diet that my hubby uses, so I'm going to give her some more information about it.  I'm hoping that it might at least give her a good source of information to start with and show her how to start changing her diet towards less processed foods.  Everything has traces of corn or wheat in processed foods, so I know how overwhelming that can be at the beginning.  If you all have any advice, I'd love to pass it on to her!

Onto the menu. . .

Weekly Menu #45

Sunday - Chicken tacos, black beans, white rice, salad for Alain
Monday - Beef with soy sauce and ginger, spinach, roasted asparagus
Tuesday - Out to Eat (Girl Scout meeting followed by PTA meeting)
Wednesday - Thai basil shrimp, white rice (Yes, I am making this again.  I LOVE it!)
Thursday - Out to Eat
Friday - Venison Kielbasa, seared onions & cabbage, roasted potatoes & sweet potatoes, green beans
Saturday - Indian summer chili, mixed green salad, broccoli

Have a great week, everyone!  I'd love to see what you're eating this week!  Post your menus!



  1. I like your links to the recipes!!

  2. I've been slacking in the menu planning dept too. I did feel accomplished during consignment sale when I put a boston butt in the crockpot and we had pulled pork for dinner. We've now been in FL with my family, going on week #2 and I usually am not the primary cook. It'll be tough getting back into routine when we're back home next week.