Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week 44

It was so nice to have my hubby back this week!  He had a blast snowboarding the slopes in Oregon with his brother and some friends!  It seems he's brought the cold weather back with him from the Pacific Northwest because it's been freezing here in Atlanta!  It actually feels like Winter right now!  You just never know what you're going to get for cold weather when you live in the South.

We had a birthday celebration for our neighbor, Chris, this weekend and here's his oatmeal chocolate chip brownie bar while we sang him 'Happy Birthday.'  Check out the link to this recipe!  These bars were amazing!

Weekly Menu - Week 44

Sunday - Seared mahi-mahi, yellow rice, and roasted asparagus

Monday - Breakfast for dinner (waffles, sausage, scrambled eggs, cut strawberries)

Tuesday - (Valentine's Day) Grilled salmon, roasted red potatoes, steamed green beans and flourless chocolate cake for dessert (recipe to follow)

Wednesday - Barbecue meatloaf, roasted cauliflower and carrots, spinach salad

Thursday - Thai basil shrimp with cabbage & red bell peppers, white rice, broccoli

Friday - Crock pot chicken tacos, leftover white rice, black beans, cabbage slaw

Saturday - Leftovers for kids & Out to dinner for adults

Have a great week!  Can't wait to see your menus!



  1. Back on track after some traveling!
    Sunday: honey-pecan chicken and wild rice, roasted asparagus
    Monday: chili and salad
    Tuesday: out
    Wednesday: baked salmon, risotto and green beans
    Thursday: crockpot pork barbecue, baked sweet potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts
    Friday: jambalaya with shrimp and andouille sausage, salad
    Saturday: ?

    1. Hope you had some fun travels, Becky! Your menu sounds really good to me right now! Have a great week!