Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 42: Easy Week. . .

Well, my sweet hubby is out of town for 9 days.  Although we are already missing him dearly, the kids and I are a little excited about the possibility of using dairy items, potatoes, legumes, grains and maybe even a little sugar in our dinner menu plans this week.  I feel like I'm rebelling just a bit, but I'll be happy to return to Paleo eating in a week and a half.  Annabelle's favorite meal is beef stroganoff, so that's definitely going to be on the menu and we may have to have a pizza night as well!

We were eating dinner tonight and I just had to take a picture of my 8-year-old, Annabelle, eating Thai Basil Shrimp.  She eats it the way her daddy does (no rice, but lettuce wraps).  She really doesn't care for the cabbage and red peppers unless she eats them with the shrimp in a lettuce wrap.  Amazing!  I would never have tried that with my kids, but they all love it!

Weekly Menu #42

Sunday - Thai basil shrimp (I know we just had this on the menu, but we are eating it again!)
Monday - Over to a friends' house (I'm only responsible for dessert)  :)
Tuesday - Beef Stroganoff, steamed green beans, egg noodles
Wednesday - Out to dinner
Thursday - Baked salmon, roasted cauliflower, baked sweet potato fries
Friday - Barbecue meatloaf, mashed potatoes, roasted carrots
Saturday - Out to diner                                                                                           

Have a great week, everyone!  I'd love to see some of your menus!  Don't be shy!



  1. Sunday - Leftovers
    Monday - 3Cheese Chicken Pasta Bake
    Tuesday - Hamburgers or Grilled Chicken & steamed broccoli
    Wednesday - Simple or Leftovers
    Thursday - Fast Food or PB&J
    Friday - Out to Dinner
    Saturday - TBD

    I actually tried to make a better attempt at planning the entire week's meals. Since we're heading to FL on Thursday I wanted to eat what I had instead of buying lots at Publix this week. It's hard cooking for only 2 since many give us plenty leftovers.

  2. So excited to see your menu, Jill! I have a lot more leftovers with only 4 this week also!