Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 34 - Baking buzz. . .

I'm not sure if any of you experience this "baking buzz" that I mentioned in the title, but I feel it every year around this time.  It's like I'm anticipating all of the yummy baked goodies that I am going to bake over the holidays.  I started baking during the summer between 6th and 7th grades when we moved from Chicago to Florida.  I didn't know anyone when we moved, so I started baking to pass the time.  I gained a few pounds in middle school thanks to my "boredom," but I also gained a wonderful passion for baking and cooking.  The pounds came off eventually when I was a starving college student. . .   ;)

Zach's 3rd 'Cars' birthday cake!
We celebrated my youngest, Zach's, birthday this weekend with a little party, so I made him this cute little 'Cars' cake!  He was so excited that the whole day was focused entirely on 'Cars.'  My attempt at a billboard sign for his birthday message was a bit of a mess, but it was a graham cracker with a granola bar split in half as the base.  I had to use lots of frosting to keep the granola bars together.  

Onto the weekly menu. . . My hubby has asked that I try to incorporate a new soup into the menu each week because he's been craving soups lately, so I'll do my best to find some good 'Paleo' soups to meet his dietary requirements.  I'm sure some of you remember that 'Paleo' entails no dairy, no legumes and no grains, but everything else is fair-game with lots of lean meats, veggies and fruits. 

Sunday - Roasted salmon with mixed veggies, yellow rice
Monday - Thai chicken in the crock pot (Paleo), shredded cabbage, steamed broccoli
Tuesday - Chili Verde (didn't get to this last week. . . I'm looking forward to it in the crock pot)
Wednesday - Leftovers
Thursday - Fajita burgers, roasted sweet potatoes & potatoes, green beans
Friday - Out to dinner
Saturday - Pork roast with red curry sauce, white rice, roasted asparagus

Happy cooking, everyone!  Hope to see some menus soon!


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