Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week 17 - End of School

The school year is coming to a close for many of us and it seems to slip by more quickly each year.  I'm not the emotional type over school, but I see so many moms tear up as they pick up their kids on the last day of school.  I get it, but I guess I also look forward to the next stepping stone in each of my children's lives.

Emilie is my party planner.  The girl wants to have a party to celebrate every kind of food that she loves.  Last year, she organized a "Watermelon" Party with her friends from school at a play ground.  This week she asked me for a "Strawberry" Party.  Since she's been nagging me about this idea for more than a few weeks, I finally decided to act on it and invited 2 friends over to celebrate.  I made strawberries on sticks with whipped cream for dipping, they played Old Maid and then watched Strawberry Shortcake.  Could life be any better?  

Now, onto this weeks' menu.  I really haven't thought too far in advance, so I'm not going to get detailed with the veggies.  I'll just list the main course unless it's something that has to be eaten out of my fridge within the next few days.  

Sunday - Mahi-Mahi, seared asparagus, seared zucchini, white rice
Monday - Angel hair pasta with meat sauce (zucchini noodles for the hubby), green beans
Tuesday - Chicken breasts with pumpkin seed sauce
Wednesday - Sirloin steaks, sauteed spinach, roasted carrots
Thursday - Chicken tacos, black beans
Friday - Out of Town
Saturday - Out of Town

Let's see your menus, everyone!  Happy cooking!

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