Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 11 - When is the food too Spicy?

Well, I have been experimenting with my new Mexican cook book (thanks Jy) and I've found that a few things are spicier than I imagined.  I made this poblano, onion and tomato sautee this week to eat with seared steak and Alain had to keep a hand towel next to his plate to wipe off the sweat caused by the meal.  ;)

Let's put it this way. . . we had to ask the neighbor's if he could borrow a beer just so he could finish the meal.  I borrowed a coke rather than a beer, but it helped me just the same.  So, I am treading a little more carefully this week with my recipe selections.  We'll see what happens. . .

Sunday - Fajita burgers, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and broccoli
Monday - Mahi-mahi with tropical salsa, cilantro-tomatillo rice
Tuesday - Steak with carmelized onions, black beans, leftover rice (always make extra)
Wednesday - Chicken legs in red chili sauce, carrots, potatoes
Thursday - Beef tacos, black beans, yellow rice
Friday - Costal Seafood Soup, corn bread, salad
Saturday - Beer can chicken, broccoli, roasted potatoes

Well, as you can tell, I'm still crazy about Mexican cooking.  I love having dried chilis in my pantry.  It just feels nice to cook with some different ingredients that my normal set of pantry items.  Most of these recipes are from cookbooks, but I'm happy to post any one if you are interested.  Just email me or leave a post. 

I'm guessing that most of you are making menus, so please share with me.  There's only a few people getting this blog, so I promise the whole world won't know what you're cooking.  I'm using this blog as a way to encourage myself to make new things.  When I'm prepared and I've planning my menu, it's not such a big deal to add something new to the mix.  So, I don't care if you're having pizza every night, please post so this blog doesn't feel so lonely! ;)

Well, I tried to load a picture, but it seems that the 'insert picture' feature is unavailble at this time.  Sorry, ladies!

Have a great week everyone!



  1. I am loving the mexican flare... it reminds me of home (Arizona not mexico :). I tend to cook with more of a mediterranean influence, probably due to the fact that I love carbs!! I tried to post last week but my computer let me down and I got frustrated, gave up and never got back around to it. So, this is actually last weeks menu, since I haven't planned this weeks yet. But here goes:

    Sunday - Roasted butternut squash soup, french bread, salad
    Monday - Baked Chicken, corn, broccoli/rice casserole
    Tuesday - Falafel pitas w/ tzatziki sauce, couscous, salad
    Wed - Margherita Pizza, salad
    Thursday - Grilled cheese, tomato soup
    Friday - Whole wheat penne w/ chicken sausage, spinach and tomatoes
    Saturday - leftovers

  2. Let me try again
    awesome pork chops! mashed potatoes, salad
    Monday - italian herbed pork roast, roasted butternut squash, salad
    Tuesday - spaghetti
    Wednesday - Women's Bean Project Six Bean soup mix, honey corn bread
    Thursday - grilled cheese, tomato soup
    Friday - pizza
    Saturday - stuffed green peppers

  3. I would love Sunday and Monday's recipes!