Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week 74

I'm finding that I still love to cook and bake, but I stink at taking pictures of the process.  I so wish that I had a buddy to just hang out and take photos all of the time so that I could easily post recipes every week!  However, I do not have a 'buddy' that just hangs at my house, ready to try all new recipes and creations at any minute because all of my friends are moms like me.  Our lives generally require quick, immediate responses rather than calm, patient planning.  All that to say, that I'm still cooking, but forgetting to take pictures almost every time.  Working on this. . .

This is Annabelle modeling their dessert creation: strawberries, coconut whipped cream and chocolate sauce!  

Also, I've turned on verification if you want to post your menus because I've been getting lots of spam, so you'll just have to prove you are a 'human' by entering the secret code when you post!  I would be so very happy to see some of your weekly menus!

Week 74 Menu

Sunday - Leftovers (What a great way to start this week!)
Monday - Shredded chicken tacos, white rice, black beans
Tuesday - Roasted marinated salmon (from Costco) with mixed veggies
Wednesday - Chicken Teriyaki stir fry, broccoli, red peppers, carrots and white rice (I made this teriyaki sauce and just add it to my stir fry and dinner's done.  It lasts for a few weeks in the fridge!)
Thursday - Spaghetti with ground beef, zucchini pasta, whole wheat pasta (for kiddos), green beans
Friday - Out to dinner
Saturday - Shrimp something. . .

I would love to see what you all are cooking!  Post your menus!!!  :)


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