Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 52: Happy Mother's Day!

I'm so grateful for my family!  The kids really spoiled me this weekend!  Emilie (5) had a Mother's Day Tea on Friday (and made me all kinds of gifts) and Annabelle (8) made me cards and a handprint flower bouquet with a poem!  Zach (3) even painted me a flower pot with sweet little flowers in it!  I'm awed and amazed by my sweet children every day.  An extra bonus this year was that I got to hang out with my mom and my sister on Saturday and we went to Antico for the best pizza ever!

My husband made me eggs benedict for breakfast and we decided to try the hollandaise from scratch this time.  For years, we've bought the little packages, but those require milk and we thought it would be better to make the sauce from scratch because it does not contain milk (only egg yolks, butter and lemon juice).  Here's where we remember the importance of measuring ingredients.  Alain squeezed one whole lemon into the saucepan, but it was supposed to be only one tablespoon.  This was a particularly juicy lemon, so the sauce was very tart!  ;)

Onto the menu planning!  Our calendar has been so crazy busy, that menu planning is getting difficult.  Might be a few more 'out to eat' days that usual just to accommodate the craziness.

Weekly Menu Plan #52

Sunday -  Homemade pizza, salad
Monday - Out to eat for me (maybe spaghetti for the family?)
Tuesday - Out to eat
Wednesday - Community Group Dinner (we just bring burgers and a side)
Thursday - Beef tacos, black beans, white rice, seared zucchini
FridayThai shrimp with basil, cabbage, leftover white rice
Saturday - Grilled salmon, corn on the cob, roasted mixed veggies

Have a great week!  Looking forward to seeing your menus too!


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