Monday, October 10, 2011

Week 30

Hello Everyone!

It's taken me awhile to get focused and recover after the consignment sale fundraiser!  We made lot of money for MOPS and it was a really great week.  So, now I am back to planning meals again. . .

I had the most wonderful morning!  Alain had the day off since he is a government contractor and Zach had school today, so the hubby and I took advantage of the morning without any kids and had ourselves a breakfast date!  We went to one of my favorite french bakeries in Atlanta, Douceur de France.  I ate the most amazing eggs benedict on top of french bread and followed it with a decadent almond croissant.  The photo below is Alain's decadent dessert, Hazelnut something. . .

I guess I should get onto the menu planning, so here's what my week looks like.  I can't wait to see your menus!

Sunday - Fajita burgers, roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli
Monday - Thai basil shrimp, white rice, cabbage, red peppers, green beans
Tuesday - Thai coconut chicken soup (we'll see how the kids like this), roasted cauliflower and carrots
Wednesday - Salad nicoise, potatoes, asparagus, and whatever else I can find to add. . .
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Steak with sauteed onions, black beans, white rice, artichokes with vinaigrette
Saturday - Out to dinner

Happy cooking to everyone!  Have a great week!  :)

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