Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 14: Hello Spring!

I've missed this blog, but we had such an amazing time in Oregon!  We got to spend time with Alain's brothers (and my Sis-in-law), snowboard, sled, make snowmen and snow shoe!  They had so much snow and the kids were totally worn out every night!  No jet lag for them while we were there.  Annabelle made the cutest snowwoman that she called "Snowella."  She had pig tails if you can believe that.   Most of the snow around Bend was just too dry to make snowmen or snowballs, but we found a park along the DeChutes River that was perfect for snowmen building and we took full advantage of the conditions!  Above is a picture of ice in my hair after snowboarding all day and Mt. Bachelor and a heated walkway! 

Last week was really catch up week for all of us.  Our flight got 4 hours delayed while we were in Newark, but we already had a 3 hour layover planned.  So, 7 hours in Newark airport was beyond our family's capacity.  The aiport was 85 degrees and there was barely any food in the concourse.  It was a frustrating day for everyone trapped in that airport.  So glad to be home!  :)

I have to say that it was a pleasant surprise to come home from so much snow in Oregon to see all of the dafoidils and trees starting to bloom!  What a wonderful welcome home to Atlanta! 

Here's the menu for this week:

Sunday - Barbecue Meatloaf, green beans, white rice
MondaySalmon burgers with ceasar slaw, roasted carrots, asparagus
Tuesday - Sauteed chicken with almond sauce, yellow rice, pineapple salsa, broccoli
Wednesday - Shrimp in garlic sauce, black beans, green beans and yellow rice (leftover)
Thursday - Spaghetti & meat sauce, broccoli
Friday -  Leftovers (Annabelle and I are camping with Girl scouts)
Saturday - Out to dinner maybe.  Not sure what Alain will do. . .  ;)
Snow was as deep as Zach's legs outside Josh & Mary's townhouse!

Happy Cooking Everyone!


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