Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week 12 - A Healthy House. . . Almost

It would seem that my family has been healthy for at least one full week!  Hallelujah!  We are so excited to be healthy and that we were able to enjoy nice weather over the last 2 weekends. 

Zach and I started a music class and he seems to really enjoy the cd!  He loves to gracefully dance to the slow music.  It's SO precious!  The girls are cutie-pies too as they dance with him and follow his moves! 

I included a photo of some guajillo chilis that I used this week and they were really yummy! 

So, here it is:

Sunday - Lentil Soup with turkey Kielbasa, salad
Monday - Shrimp, yellow rice, green beans and black beans
Tuesday - Turkey burgers, roasted sweet potatoes,
Wednesday - Baked chicken with guajillo chili sauce, green beans, baked potatoes
Thursday - Breakfast for dinner (Waffles, eggs, hashbrowns, fruit)
Friday - Mole Poblano with grilled chicken, mexican rice,
Saturday - Hamburgers, roasted potatoes/sweet potatoes, broccoli

Sorry I'm so late getting this out this week!  It's been so crazy around here.  Turns out that my kids were incredibly whiny yesterday and one of them has a fever today.  I guess I should've listened to the signs and hesitated before making the title for this post "A Healthy House."  :( 

Prayers for a healthy house to all of you!


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