Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week 6 - Holiday Menu Planning. . .

Well, I skipped last week because I'm a total slacker, but we have lots of food to cook next week so I think I'm making up for skipping last week.  We have my brother-in-law and his wife from Oregon coming to stay with us this Wednesday and they'll be here through January 4th.  Of course, there will lots of fun stuff going on throughout the next few weeks with the holidays and kiddos out of school.  So, I'd love to see what you are cooking for Christmas, so post your menu when you comment on this blog!

Monday - Tacos, black beans, rice
Tuesday - Spaghetti with meat sauce, green beans, salad
Wednesday - Chicken Cacciatore, broccoli, mashed potatoes
Thursday - (My birthday) Fajitas (shrimp and chicken), black beans, white rice
Friday - (Christmas Eve) Appetizers (stuffed mushrooms, hummus, black bean dip, spinach-artichoke dip, veggies, pizza breads, lentil soup)
Saturday - (Christmas) Lasagnas (traditional & fancy), pot roast, ratatouille, salad, trifle
Sunday - Leftovers

Merry Christmas to all and to all some good cooking!!!  :)

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  1. hey all!
    cheri here, and i also plan my meals by the week, mostly because i think it is incredibly inefficient to go to the grocery more than once per week. besides, i tend to buy dumb stuff on ancillary visits. (more later on my affinity for kitchen tools.) My parents and two brothers are joining us for christmas beginning wednesday, so monday and tuesday the kids and i will shop, finish cookies, and make a few things ahead before they all arrive.

    monday - tuna and cheese sauce over mini shells, broccoli
    tuesday - i'm going out with a friend, so daddy serves the "babysitter special" - chx nuggets, fries, frozen peas. easy for daddy, more room in my incredibly small freezer!
    wednesday - family arriving randomly, so pork chili stew in crock pot. award winning recipe from school ptf chili cook-off!! served with sour cream, jalapenos, lime wedges, and corn muffins.
    thursday - steve and i are taking brothers to neighbor's christmas party, to grands serve "babysitter special" (again) and chili leftovers
    friday - appetizers (kemp family tradition) - cheese ball (mil's recipe), sp. and art. dip, cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, eggrolls, stuffed mushrooms, salami/cheese plate, shrimp cocktail.
    saturday - squash soup w/red pepper puree (first course), roasted lamb, goat cheese scalloped potatoes, green beans (NOT the casserole with campbell's goo!!), cranberry-orange relish, croissants
    sunday - duh, leftovers. totally.

    merry christmas to all, and may your food be a tasty vehicle for fun and great memories with your families and friends!